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Promotion of our colleagues’ – Mihaela Bălău, Ana Maria Nistor and Florin Filip

With great joy, we announce the promotion of our colleagues to top roles within our law firm, Grecu & Associates. These dedicated professionals have had a significant impact on our development, and their advancement is a well-deserved confirmation of their expertise.

Mihaela Balau – Managing Associate
With extensive experience in the legal field and a strong knowledge of legal aspects related to Advertising Law, GDPR, and Electronic Commerce, Mihaela Balau has been promoted to the position of Managing Associate. With her passion for these continuously evolving areas of law, Mihaela successfully leads our Compliance Department. Her expertise has helped us stay abreast of the latest regulations and provide our clients with the best solutions in a complex legal environment.

Ana Maria Nistor – Senior Associate
With a special focus on Labor Law and GDPR, Ana Maria Nistor has been promoted to the role of Senior Associate. With a meticulous approach and a strong commitment to our clients, Ana Maria has become a vital pillar of our team. She has consistently provided high-quality legal counsel in the field of labor relations and personal data protection, significantly contributing to the successful resolution of complex issues our clients face.

Florin Filip – Senior Associate
With a passion for Intellectual Property and a proactive approach, Florin Filip has been promoted to the position of Senior Associate. His remarkable expertise in this field has bolstered our reputation for providing high-quality legal services in safeguarding our clients’ intellectual property rights. Over time, Florin has demonstrated an outstanding ability to protect our clients’ interests in this complex and ever-changing field.

These promotions not only recognize the talent and significant contributions made by lawyers Mihaela Balau, Ana Maria Nistor, and Florin Filip to our success but also mark an important step in their professional growth. We are proud to have such exceptional colleagues on our team and are confident that they will continue to provide quality legal counsel and contribute to the success and development of Grecu Partners.

Congratulations, Mihaela, Ana Maria, and Florin, on these well-deserved promotions! We look forward to seeing you shine in your new roles and bring added value to our clients and our firm.

Elena Grecu – Managing Partner

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