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About us

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” – Michael Jordan

Mission and values

Grecu Partners aim:

Defending our clients’ rights and interests with wisdom and dedication until all the issues are solved.

The experience we gathered since 2006 is based not only on a  profound knowledge of the legislation in force but also on the permanent effort to find the most ingenious solutions.

We believe that individual talent is best highlighted when supported by a team. Both execution and results are superior when a single member’s idea is developed by an entire team.

As professionals, we treat every decision we make with our clients with responsibility and integrity.

In every project, we are guided by the following values: loyalty, confidentiality, creativity, ethics and dedication.

We are together with our clients

The business environment, both in Romania and abroad, is like a chessboard, requiring knowledge and solid strategy skills. The road to success in this dynamic environment represents a challenge for both natural and legal persons.

The Grecu Partners team of lawyers helps you go through this path easily and guides your every move. Being successful implies establishing a substantial strategy, knowing the law and making winning moves to perfection.

We are open-minded and creative in order to find the optimal solutions and we anticipate the obstacles that may appear along the way because some of our purposes are to eliminate potential risks and to pave the way for new opportunities. In such a meticulous and demanding field like the legal one, imagination and innovation are needed, so that we can support you with the most daring and suitable solutions.

Just as on the chessboard each piece has its role and importance, we integrate the knowledge of our specialized lawyers into the strategy we design for your needs. We pay attention to every step we make and we treat every request with pragmatism and promptness, doing our best to exceed expectations.


Together with our clientsWe find suitable solutions for unusual situations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are part of the projects developed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Some of the main purposes of these organizations are: education, social services and child welfare or sustainable development.
"Nu putem face lucruri mari, ci doar lucruri mărunte, cu multă dragoste"

ANDRA MUNTEANU Inițiator & fondator - EduInc / Fundația RBL EDU Inc


Are you a trainee lawyer or a permanent one?We invite you in our team!

We care about experience, but more about intelligence and receptiveness.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, read our requirements and send us your CV along with your letter of intent.

For us, privacy is one of our main values. Therefore, all applications will be treated with respect for confidentiality and protection of personal data.