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Significant simplifications in customs formalities for economic operators

Analysis of Order AVR 1,760/2023

In an effort to promote efficiency and reduce administrative burden on economic operators, the Romanian Customs Authority (AVR) issued Order AVR 1,760/2023, recently published in the Official Gazette and effective as of August 23, 2023. This order has brought significant and necessary changes regarding customs formalities for companies engaged in international trade operations.

The main point of the order is the simplification of the process for obtaining the Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) Number, which is essential for conducting customs operations within the European Union. These changes represent a significant step towards digitization and optimization of customs activities, as well as improving communication between operators and AVR.

One of the major aspects of the order is the elimination of the requirement to attach certain documents to the EORI number application. Documents such as the VAT registration certificate and the articles of incorporation are no longer needed as attachments, as AVR can verify this information using online databases to which it has access. This reduces the administrative effort of companies and accelerates the registration process.

Order AVR 1,760/2023 also mandates AVR to use specific online databases to extract the information necessary for analyzing registration requests. This includes the RECOM database, managed by the Trade Register, for verifying identification information, the VIES database for validating the VAT registration number, and the registry of NGOs to verify the addresses of registered offices. This not only simplifies the process but also ensures the accuracy of the provided data.

Another notable aspect is the introduction of the possibility to submit supporting documents through the EORI-RO application, providing a digital alternative for situations where the online platform is not functional. Additionally, the order includes provisions for the explicit consent of economic operators regarding the processing of personal data when alternative procedures are used for technical reasons.

In exceptional cases, when registration requests are numerous in the short term, internal customs offices can issue EORI numbers. This reflects an adaptation to the fluctuating needs of the business environment.

As experts in customs legislation, Grecu Partners have extensive expertise in such legislative changes. With a proactive approach and deep knowledge, we are prepared to guide economic operators through these new modifications. We offer specific consultancy for customs registration and ensuring compliance with current legal requirements.

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In conclusion, Order AVR 1,760/2023 brings significant and beneficial changes to customs procedures for economic operators. These changes facilitate commercial activities and reduce administrative burden, in line with the direction towards dematerialization and digitization of administrative processes. Through these measures, AVR demonstrates a commitment to improving the business environment and the relationship between authorities and economic operators in the context of customs operations within the European Union. With a strong expertise in customs legislation, we are here to ensure that companies comply with the new regulations and provide them with the necessary support in adapting to these changes.

If you are an economic operator in need of necessary clarifications, our expertise in customs legislation and experience in managing legislative changes can be the solid foundation on which you can build your business. We are ready to offer specific consultancy in customs registration and ensuring compliance with the new requirements.

➡📞Contact: (+4) 031 426 0745 – office@grecupartners.ro

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