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CAEN codes for an IT company

The CAEN code (acronym derived from ‘Clasificarea Activităților din Economia Națională’) encompasses the economic activities that a company can engage in after registration with the Trade Register. According to the current legislation, a company can generate income from various activities, which means it can have multiple CAEN codes. However, any company can have only one primary CAEN code, which is associated with the company’s core activity.

The following CAEN codes correspond to activities in the IT sector:

5829 – Activities related to the editing of other software products (this class includes editing general-purpose software, including adapting or customizing non-specialized software for a specific market on its account).

6201 – Custom software development activities (this class includes activities such as writing, modifying, testing, and providing assistance for software products. It also includes writing programs based on user instructions).

6202 – Information technology consultancy activities (this class includes planning and designing computer systems that integrate hardware, software, and communication technologies).

6203 – Management (operation and maintenance) of computing facilities (this class includes managing and operating clients’ computer systems on-site).

6209 – Other information technology service activities (this class includes other information technology activities and related services, such as computer data recovery services in disaster situations and software installation services).

6311 – Data processing, web hosting, and related activities (this class includes providing infrastructure for web hosting services, data processing, and related activities).

6312 – Web portal activities (this class includes operating websites that use search engines to create and maintain easily searchable Internet address databases, as well as operating other websites that serve as Internet portals, such as media websites offering regularly updated content).

6399 – Other information service activities not elsewhere classified (this class includes other information service activities not classified elsewhere, such as computer-based telephone information services and information search services, etc.).

Regarding the organization of IT activities, individuals looking to provide services in the IT sector often choose between establishing a limited liability company (SRL) or registering as a sole proprietor (PFA). An SRL can hold as many CAEN codes as its associates wish, and there is no need to provide evidence of experience or education in the IT field. On the other hand, if one opts for PFA registration, a maximum of 5 CAEN codes can be authorized, and for each of these, proof of the necessary education or experience is required.

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