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Holding management responsible for insolvency

Methods of debt recovery – 8. Holding management responsible for insolvency When attempting to recover a debt from a company, it enters insolvency. Is this the end, or are there still chances? Can money still be recovered through other means? Even though the conditions are restrictive, and only if it can be proven that there...

Attraction of responsibility for insolvency

One of the most important institutions in the insolvency procedure, often used unjustifiably by creditors dissatisfied with the fact that the sums entered in the definitive table of claims have not been recovered, is that of attracting the patrimonial responsibility of the persons responsible for the debtor’s insolvency, usually the administrator. Thus, at the request...

The obligation to submit the application for the initiation of insolvency proceedings by the debtor in a state of insolvency.

Insolvency is the condition of a debtor’s assets characterized by insufficient available monetary funds for the payment of certain, liquid, and due debts. This condition is presumed when the debtor has not paid their debt to the creditor within 60 days from the due date (the presumption is relative), or when it is proven that...