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Benefits and facilities offered to employees

The benefits of balancing private life and professional activity can bring improvements on various fronts, such as mental health, physical health, minimizing work-related stress, increasing attention, boosting commitment, and productivity in the workplace. To offer employees the possibility of a much more efficient rhythm, we present the following solutions: Flexibility in work. According to the...

Disciplinary sanctioning of employees

Disciplinary sanctioning of employees. The importance of Internal Regulations in the company.   Disciplinary sanctioning of employees is a very important topic in the business and work environment because it is a way used by employers to enforce rules and norms within the company. Sanctioning employees refers to the application of punitive measures against those...

Weekend bonus

The distribution of working hours during the week is usually uniform – eight hours per day for five days, with two days of rest, and the minimum weekly rest period is 48 consecutive hours, which are typically on Saturdays and Sundays. If work does not follow this pattern, meaning that the employee works on weekends...