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Appeal against the Preliminary Table in Insolvency Proceedings

Following the commencement of insolvency proceedings and the transmission of a notification regarding the opening of insolvency proceedings to creditors by the judicial administrator, the creditors have the right to submit a request for the admission of their claims to the debtor’s creditor mass.

Thus, all claims held against the debtor can be recovered or, at least, requested in the collective insolvency procedure, with any other judicial or extrajudicial procedure being automatically suspended.

After reviewing the requests for the admission of claims, the judicial administrator will prepare and publish in the Insolvency Procedures Bulletin the preliminary table of claims.

Upon the publication of the table in the Insolvency Procedures Bulletin, the judicial administrator will immediately send notifications to creditors whose claims or preferential rights have been partially included in the preliminary table or have been excluded, specifying the reasons for these decisions.

These creditors have the right to contest the preliminary table, and the matter is then submitted to the syndic judge for the analysis of the judicial administrator’s decision not to include or partially include their claim in the preliminary table.

Claims included or, as the case may be, not included in the preliminary table can be contested by the debtor, creditors, or any interested party within a period of 7 days from the date of publication of the preliminary table in the Insolvency Procedures Bulletin.

The appeal must be accompanied by the judicial stamp duty and all documents that the party intends to use in supporting its claims. It must be communicated, with acknowledgment of receipt, to the judicial administrator, the creditor whose claim is contested, and the special administrator, if one has been appointed.

The insolvency procedure and, especially, the appeal against the preliminary table, have many specificities, so our company can assist and facilitate this legal process for you.

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